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 Battle Knights is a casual raiding guild on the Thunderhorn server.

This website aims to provide general information for members and non-members.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! << TWO >> Successful Raids in one Week!

Kalyanei, Mar 17, 10 4:14 AM.
[03.14.10] Battle Knights and Knights of Dalaran banded together for our first allied raid of Icecrown Citadel 25.  In just 3 attempts, Marrowgar was defeated!  Lady Deathwhisper didn't budge, sending swarms of mobs to smother us.  She's goin' dooowwwwwn next week!  Thanks to all guildies, family/friends who joined us and CHEERS to a successful and prosperous future for BKs and KoDs!

Is that a furbolg munching on Marrowgar's frozen skull??

[03.16.10] Battle Knights and a few family/friends/pugs cleared ToC 25, defeating Anub'arak for the first time.  Woohoo!

Trial of the Crusader: 10-man CLEARED!

Kalyanei, Dec 1, 09 6:15 PM.
[11.30.09]  What began this past Wednesday as a test run to ToC, returning to a raid we've feared as a result of many failed attempts, nearly became a full clear by Sunday.  We knew we couldn't stop there!  After stuffing ourselves with mounds of food and stalking down rogue turkeys, the BKs buckled down and got busy.  The battle with Anub'arak continued on to Monday, where its defeat marks the first time we've cleared Trial of the Crusader!

Ulduar 25-man: First Wing Cleared with IGNIS Down!

Kalyanei, Nov 12, 09 4:16 AM.
[11.11.09]  With just 23 BKs, we finally took Ignis down for the 1st time!  Thanks to all attendees and GRATS on the achievements!

Shout here!
Hiya and Welcome!
Welcome back Arodwrand!!!
I haven't been able to get on for two days. I have found most of my addons. Now if I could just get on to set things up.
argh que's again!
Hey Jana! It is so good to see you guys still playing.
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